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Families Come First

How We Started.....


Hospice Physician, Dr. Robert Bedell, made house calls to all of his patients. During his time in their homes, he saw a need for further assistance with activities of daily living, housekeeping, medication reminders and other services not provided by Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement. With the knowledge of these needs, Dr. Bedell began the rigorous process of starting his own Nurse Registry to meet them.

In 2010 the licensure was granted and Families Come First, LLC began assisting clients wherever they call home. Dr. Bedell was a hands-on owner with with a caring, nurturing management style.He taught his staff that "families do come first" and the business took off.

In October of 2013 Dr. Bedell was fatally injured in a car accident.He is missed by clients and staff alike; however his philosophy still lives on. Under new ownership Families Come First, LLC continues to apply the ethics and principles of keeping our families' needs first.

If your family has a need of assistance, please call the company that will always keep you first. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

(352) 419-6508