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Families Come First

What our clients are saying...........


"My Father does not speak a word of English nor does he communicate very well. Our CNA has managed to overcome this huge obstacle. She has not allowed the language barrier nor the lack of communication skills to get in her way. If you want an example of a perfect fit between client and caregiver, this is it. She takes care of my father as if he was a member of her own family. Her caring, nurturing warm personality makes her as unique as her name. She is a keeper; short and sweet, she gets it."   Terri I.


"We had a good experience with Families Come First. Everyone made our lives a little easier"  Elfriede C.


"I found Families Come First to be polite and punctual, courteous and helpful." Don S.


"Aides were very friendly and communicated extremely well with the rest of my family in all matters. We will be using your services again." William J.


"My husband's wish was to always remain at home. Because of the caregivers from Families Come First I am able to honor that wish.They provide such wonderful care that I don't know where I would be without them."  Joan Y.


"I am very lucky to have my aid.The excellent housekeeping she provides keeps my home shining. I reccommend her for Caregiver of the Month."  Martha P.


"Families Come First provides a great service.I could not function without your help. Your staff is the best." Joan B.


"I am very appreciative of the services you provide and I thank you all for your help and effort on my behalf." Jane L.