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Families Come First

 Meet Our Administrative Staff


Janice Smith, General Manager

Janice began her career at Families Come First in July of 2012. With a strong healthcare background of 20 years and her leadership abilities, Janice quickly rose to a management position. Today she oversees a staff of 80 healthcare and administrative workers. Janice states, “I love my job because it is rewarding to help others. I feel I am giving back.”




Calvin Curry, RN, Field Supervisor

Twenty-one years as a Registered Nurse has made Calvin realize that he is truly a “people person”. As Field Supervisor Calvin works with CNA’s and clients alike to ensure the very best of service is provided at all times. Calvin states “I love working with our  CNA’s and I love talking with and getting to know our clients”.



 Jennifer McKenzie, Human Resource Director

Customer service and eight years in the medical field are great qualifications for a newer addition to our family. Jennifer will help you through the application process when you apply for your career at Families Come First. “I am proud of the responsibility of choosing those who help our clients,” states Jennifer. “It is satisfying to know that we have the very best personnel serving our families.”


                              Betty Clark, CNA, Administrative Assistant

For six years Betty has been a proud Certified Nursing Assistant who finds satisfaction in providing the care that puts a smile on her client’s face. Her career  started with Families Come First in June, 2013. Betty recently joined the office staff part-time as well as continuing her field duties. “I love the versatility of my work,” states Betty. “I really appreciate still being able to see those smiles; in the office or in the homes of those we serve."