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Families Come First

        Meet Our Caregivers of the Month!

Congratulations from Families Come First, LLC


January, 2015

Lyndon Jennings, CNA, has been in the medical field since November, 2013 as an Aide Assistant. He became a CNA in May, 2014 and joined the Families Come First team in July, 2014. When asked what the most rewarding part of his work is he responded “the appreciation shown by my clients makes it all worthwhile. I love bringing them peace-of-mind and knowing I have contributed to their well-being in some small way.”

“Lyndon is a professional with a kind demeanor, a very compassionate and reliable work ethic and gets rave reviews from his clients”, states Administrator Wendy Peterson. “The  criteria for the honor of Caregiver of the Month involves going above and beyond normal work requirements.”

 Lyndon loves working at Families Come First because of the friendly and professional  way things are done, the respect shown to the team and the way the families are served.



                                                                                                                   February, 2015

 Laura Albritton, CNA, began her healthcare career over 12 years ago when she moved to Florida to care for her mother. She realized the great satisfaction in helping others and became a Certified Nursing Assistant. “The best part of my job is the smiles I see on my client’s faces when I walk in the door”, states Laura.

Administrator, Wendy Peterson, says “Lori has her clients’ respect and has never had even the smallest complaint. She picks up clients when others call in sick and continues to go above and beyond in everything she does.”

Lori states, “I am glad to be part of a company who takes care of their clients as they should be cared for. This is one of the best places I have ever worked. I feel appreciated.”



March, 2015 

 Cathy Harrod, CNA, is Caregiver of the Month for March. Celebrating fifteen years as a CNA, Cathy brings her outstanding skills and experience to our "Family". When asked what is most rewarding about her job, Cathy answered "The smiles on the faces of my clients. When I leave they tell me they cannot wait for my return. That makes it all worthwhile."

Administrator Wendy Peterson states "Cathy was selected for her wonderful work ethic, the outstanding reports from our clients and her legible, on-time paperwork. She is an amazing part of our team." Cathy loves her career at Families Come First because of the wonderful clients she has the honor of serving and the fabulous support she receives from administrative staff. 



                                                                                                          April, 2015                                        


Shavonne Jones, CNA, was recently honored as Families Come First Caregiver of the Month for April, 2015. States Administrator Wendy Peterson, “Shavonne shows compassion in her work with her clients. Sometimes they need to move their schedules and Shavonne works very hard to accommodate their needs. Her legible, on-time paperwork submissions make the administrative staff’s job much easier.”

Shavonne has been a CNA for over 10 years. “Smiles from my clients are my best rewards”, states Shavonne. She says she enjoys working for a progressive company like Families Come First. Shavonne likes the growth of the company and the new direction it is taking by always keeping the clients first.



May, 2015

Suzanne Barnes, CNA,  has been selected Caregiver of the Month for May, 2015.

Suzanne has been a  CNA for over 7 years and has always found the work rewarding. “It’s the interaction with the clients that make my job so special”, states Suzanne.  “I feel as though I am making a difference in the world, one person at a time”.

Suzanne recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with Families Come First.  She says the reason she enjoys working for Families Come First is the feeling of being part of a family instead of just going to a job.

States General Manager Janice Smith, “Suzanne was chosen to receive this honor because  of her excellent communication skills. She regularly contacts the office with comments and questions. Her paperwork is neat and on time. The biggest reason for Suzanne’s selection was compliments received from her clients and case managers as well. She is a tremendous asset to our organization.”