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Families Come First

What It Means To Stay Home

Mary lived in the same house for 35 years. She watched her fruit trees grow from seedlings, put up many Christmas trees, hung stockings from the mantel and cooked thousands of meals in the kitchen. When she closed her eyes she could envision her children playing ball in the yard. Memories in her home are everywhere. 

Two years ago Mary's beloved husband Peter passed from a long battle with cancer.  Her children are grown and live in other states and Mary just suffered a fall. Under her doctor's care Mary found herself unable to prepare her meals and even get into the shower without help.  What are Mary's options? Assisted living is a wonderful choice for those who choose it and can afford it. Mary doesn't want to leave the memories and live away from her beautiful home.  All she needs is a little extra help with her activities of daily living, meal preparation and some companionship. Mary needs tailored care.

It is a known fact that if Mary can stay in her home safely her independence is preserved and quality of life is instilled. She is comfortable and feels secure. It creates a healing environment. 

Mary called Families Come First, LLC. They listened to her needs and helped her remain where memories were strong and her quality of life was enhanced. Call today and help retain the memories and well-being of your loved ones. Let them tailor care and preserve memories.